Wednesday Connection 5. 20. 2020

Facing threats

Several years ago, churches large and small faced very real threats of violence and death across our country. Many churches responded with preventive measures of vigilance and have reduced the threat numbers exponentially. We agree that violence cannot be eliminated 100%. But we can be prepared. Christian Life Chapel has been exemplary by engaging a church Safety Committee. You are the best. Each committee member has been faithful and respected for your care and watch over us. Thank you, many times, over.

Now we have faced another threat. This time of sickness and death. Thankfully, quarantine minimized the risks. Experts agree these risks will not be 100% eliminated. But we can mitigate our physical world and follow a plan that would accommodate a good number of folks. I’m looking forward to this plan enabling Christian Life Chapel to grow in strength and numbers. We will do well.

As we have opened up our facility please be assured our church is cleaned, ventilation is superb, physical spacing is yours, antiseptics, gloves, and masks have been provided by volunteers for those who wish to join us on Wednesday evenings going forward for Praise and Prayer. We are overstocked on toilet paper and paper towels. Prayer and Praise restarts tonight at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully, for those who wish to stay home, we are making available to all of us the ZOOM platform to use. We can be praying and praising together. Your invitation to Zoom will follow this email with instructions given. I would be equally thankful if your choice is home zooming or maybe someday away on vacation.

Zoom Video/Audio attendees sign in at 6:50 pm tonight

Physical church begins at 7:00 pm tonight

If you have never done Zoom before call me 860-537-3914 today to make sure you are set up. You may need to download the zoom app. You may use your cell phone or your laptop.

Your Elder team decided to no longer use the platform and phone numbers you had for the last eight weeks. We beg your patience in this easy transition. Zoom will enable us to expand future ministry not just for Wednesday, but for possible Sunday broadcasting as well as outreach in the Fall through weekday support groups and to shut-ins. There are many more possibilities. Exciting plans are being discussed in all these aspects to grow our church. All to have a greater impact fulfilling the Great Commission. Together, praying and trusting God through another unknown. Thank you for your support.

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