Wednesday Connection 4.1.2020


 I just want you to know that you are special to me and make a difference in my life.  I care for you.  I respect you.  I cherish your friendship.  I pray for you. My leadership role as Pastor is to work hard at making sure there is no shortage of our greatest commodity, FAITH.  Is your faith at risk?  All of us have moments of concern.  I do. So…

The next Friends Conference call (Bible Study RISEN SERIES and Prayer) is planned for TONIGHT, Wednesday, April 1st, at 7:00 pm

  • Dial 857-444-6500 at 7:00 pm
  • Enter the ID Code: 845-101-528 when prompted
  • You are in with us!
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STARTING THIS EVENING AND THE WEDNESDAY EVENINGS GOING FORWARD I WILL HOST THE REMAINDER OF OUR MEN’S AND LADIES BIBLE STUDY SERIES, “RISEN.”  In the New Testament there are over 50 references to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  50 contexts around those references which beg our inquiry.  50 reasons why the resurrection of Jesus Christ changes everything for YOU!

The lesson plan for tonight is attached below.

Call in at 7:00 pm tonight using the info above.

After a few minutes of welcoming everyone, I as host will mute everyone to eliminate your background noises 

so that all can hear me well…

How are you?

To our regular church ‘donors’ we do have on-going expenses related to church ministry,  In order to make a tithe/donation to our church please send it to: CLC, PO Box 91, Colchester, CT 06415.   Thank you. Also, on-line donation is available. Please give me a call to assist you at 860-537-3914 if needed. 
Pastor Mike Brubaker, DMin

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