SUNDAY Connection 5. 3. 2020

Outlook Going Forward

From our Brother in Christ, Bill; I was considering our Covid19 quarantine with a different outlook today. When I served in the Navy my ship would depart for a 70-day submerged patrol. 70 days under the sea, no sunlight, no days off, 24/7 of work, eat, sleep, drill, drill, drill, battle stations, reactor drills, fire drills, flooding drills, do it all over again in a ship 425 ft long and 33 ft wide with 150 other men.

If I take March 16th as the start of patrol. The day all large gatherings [here] stopped. Then we are on day 48 of a 70-day patrol. About 22 days left before we surface, return to port and head home. At this point, hump night, the halfway through celebration has past and each day was a tedious repeat of the day before. It was daylight when the white lights were lit and night was marked by red lamps or blackout in the control room. The sun never rose, the breeze never blew. By this time in the patrol nerves were frayed a little and tempers could be short at times. But we knew we had to continue on, literally grind it out. Keep things going. So, we did, we endured and kept the ship and each other going. All the while knowing the countdown to surfacing, sunlight and going home was one day closer.

Usually about day 55-56 when it became two weeks to go the crew’s spirit would begin to pick up as the end was coming into sight. Waiting for those wonderful words announced throughout the ship, Surface, Surface, Surface!! Then hearing the ballast tanks blow and feel the rise of the ship. Then the roll as we came to the surface. Followed by the vibration of the ship as our speed increased to head into port.

See the lookouts and Officer of the deck dressed in gear, to be on the bridge while surfaced. Knowing that we would soon hear the command to Station the Maneuvering watch. Which meant the line handlers and deck crew were going topside to tie us up to the Sub tender. After that we would be allowed topside to see the world once again. Sunlight, wind, rain, all the blessings that God has given to us. Patrol would be ending. We were going home. But looking back we were better sailors at the end of patrol then at the beginning. We were focused by the end of patrol, our skill and proficiency were top notch, we worked as one in various drills and situations.

Covid19 will end. Hopefully I/we will have learned to love and serve our Lord better and with more purpose then before Covid19. And to prepare ourselves for the next patrol. And do so until the day when the last patrol is done and we are called to our eternal home. Amen.

Please watch an eight-minute video summary today of our Sunday Sermon Series: ‘GOING FORWARD,’ today, May 3 all the way to October, in the Gospel of Mark;

Then, you are welcome to tap here, and listen to today’s prerecorded sermon GOING FORWARD, Mark 1:1-20, at your convenience.

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Pastor Mike Brubaker, DMin


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