Monday Connection 5. 11. 2020


The church office is now open for your business going forward. Pastor Mike’s usual office schedule will be:

Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Saturday 7:00 am – 12:00 pm

We hope to slowly open additional church programing soon. Unique to Connecticut, Governor Lamont posted Executive Orders 7D and 7N in late March limiting churches to 50 and then gave exemption to religious organizations which still could meet and have up to 50, with mitigations. That has not changed. There may be no further mention of churches by the Governor until the 50 limit is raised. All religious organizations like CLC under 50 that have closed, closed voluntarily.

I acknowledge there are expectations over what CLC should do going forward. Government guidelines adjust often. I do believe most leaders involved are doing the best they can. I pray for special patience, grace, courage, and gentleness in the month ahead as we all have different comfort levels. Above all, I wish to please the Lord in our character.

Theologian and Christian Philosopher, Speaker, Author Ravi Zacharias, is dying of cancer. He is now at home in Atlanta with his family and friends surrounding him. Church history may point back to Ravi as the greatest apologist ever lived. His powerful influence over postmodern skeptics has been unparalleled. His keeping the church informed about progressive secular philosophy all the while promoting biblical Truth in Universities of atheism worldwide is legendary. His lectures to me were mesmerizing, Holy Spirit filled, and as brilliant as any mind could ever be.

Ravi Zacharias’ latest book, SEEING JESUS FROM THE EAST: A FRESH LOOK AT HISTORY’S MOST INFLUENTIAL FIGURE, just came off the press. It is autobiographical, reads slowly, presenting his own salvation and faith journey. Ravi invites readers to rediscover the cultural insights we often miss when we ignore the Eastern context of the Bible. He offers a refreshing picture of Jesus, one that appeals to Eastern readers and can penetrate the hearts and imaginations of postmodern Westerners.

Amazon has a Kindle version for $15.00. I have begun absorbing this book. Perhaps more to share from it in these Connection Blogs in the week ahead:

As a Christian, I embarked on a new journey. I went from taking life as it came to pursuing what God meant life to be. I had the perspective, as Soren Kierkegaard wrote, “life must be understood backwards but…it must be lived forwards.” Truth now mattered to me. This was the biggest paradigm shift in my life. Culture had its tug and its sway, but my belief in eternal realities had to transcend the headwinds of culture. Jesus was the Truth and the Way. I had needed to find the meaning of life, which Jesus fulfilled. This need for meaning remains the deep battle in the East today, especially with its cyclical view of life and history. – page 26

Yesterday’s, Mother’s Day. Sunday’s message, GOING FORWARD Mark 1:21-45, is posted at

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